Monday, November 29, 2010

Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialists! Spoltlight on our Home Show Exhibitor: Grout Magician Phoenix Valley Area

Looking for an affordable solution to face-lift your home? A complete overhaul isn't always the best option. Full kitchen and bathroom remodels can price way into the thousands. Grout Magician Phoenix can get you the same fresh and new feel at a fraction the cost. By sprucing up your tiled areas, you'll enhance the aesthetics, value and cleanliness of your entire home.
Grout Magician knows how quickly kitchen and bathroom floors become tarnished and dirty. With clean, new or refinished grout they will get your kitchen and bathroom looking good as new. Let them save you the time and headache of self-cleaning. They will effectively clean your tile and grout and rid it of dangerous molds and mildews, leaving you, your family and your pets in a safe and healthy environment.

Not only will cleaning your grout and tile improve the look and feel of your home, it can increase resale value between five and 10 percent. Putting up your home in this unpredictable market can be a huge stress. A dingy kitchen or bathroom can bring down the whole feel of your home. Give yourself the edge with a clean, good as new environment.

Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway, dirt and mildew build up fast on clean tile and grout, causing discoloration and mold. Dirty tile and grout can make it seem like your home needs a complete remodel, if not just a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Fortunately, after a visit from Phoenix Valley-based Grout Magician, your dirty, moldy or mildewed grout and damaged tile will shine like new.

Image 1 slideshowSince 1997 GMP has provided affordable and dependable tile restoration services and renovation to the Phoenix Valley, and their Arizona grout cleaning and tile sealing business continues to grow! No matter how tough the task at hand, their highly skilled Phoenix Valley grout and tile cleaning team are equipped to clean, seal, and restore tile and grout – they even remove dangerous mold and address water damage! These child and pet-friendly services offer an affordable and effective alternative to the remodeling of bathrooms and kitchens, as well as to office and commercial building renovation. Image 2 slideshow
Why not take the guess work and back-breaking labor out of cleaning your tile and grout? From your first contact with their tile restoration team to the end of your grout cleaning project you'll be amazed at what Grout Magician Phoenix can do. Along with tile and grout cleaning, GMP also offers re-coloring and resealing, to prevent future grout and tile trouble in Phoenix Valley homes and businesses.
Image 4 slideshowCleaning and Sealing of Existing or New Grout
Revive old grout! Their grout cleaning and sealing service can transform the tile in your home or commercial location. Have new grout? Protect your investment with their sealing and prevent the stains of daily use!

Image 7 slideshowComplete Re-Grouting Services
If the current grout is beyond repair, they are able to re-grout around the tile to save you from the costs of installing all new tile.

Image 12 slideshowRepairing of Settlement Cracks
Settlement cracks can occur any time, even to new tile installations. Cracks can allow water to seep through causing further damage. Properly mixed and applied grout is essential to help prevent these cracks. Let the Grout Magician Phoenix make sure your tile receives the best moisture protection.
Image 13 slideshow
Re-Caulking around Bathtubs and Sinks
Bathtubs and sinks experience the most contact with moisture. They can repair the long term damage caused to the grout, helping to extend the life of the tile in your bathroom.

Image 15 slideshowElimination of Mildew
They can rid the grout of all mildew that can develop over time.

Change of Grout Color
Tired of the same color grout or looking to update an installation without a complete remodel? They can update the look of your tile without its removal. This process leaves your grout virtually stain proof and the results are easily maintained.

They are the grout and tile restoration specialists in the greater Phoenix Valley and surrounding Arizona. For your home or commercial needs, visit Grout Magician at the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show, January 14, 15, 16, 2011 at the AZ State Fairgrounds booth 506 in the Wesley Bolin Building

Call the Grout Magician Phoenix today for a consultation at 602-326-6333.

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