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Keep cool this summer with a new pool from Premier Pools & Spas

phoenix pool renovation

Hot Weather is right around the corner!  We have a solution to keep you cool!  Premier Pools & Spas, Much More than a Pool Builder!



In Ground Pools & Spas     •     Above Ground Pools     •     Patio Furniture     •     Outdoor Kitchens
BBQ Grills    •     Hot Tubs     •     Landscaping     •     Putting Greens     •     Supplies     •     and much more!

The Top Brands All Under One Roof!
Premier Pools & Spas offer everything from above ground swimming pools, Artesian Spas, hot tubs, pool toys and pool supplies to barbecue islands, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and patio furniture.
Whether you are shopping in person or on-line, the Premier Backyard Design Center has the largest selection of swimming pool and backyard design products.
Aside from providing your family with an entertaining outdoor lifestyle, upgrading your backyard adds value to your home.
A custom swimming pool can add value and beauty to your home and provide many years of pleasure to your family.  If you are considering adding a custom swimming pool to your property, you probably have many questions. These frequently asked questions may address many of the concerns you already have.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Premier Pools (contact info at bottom of page).

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?
When is the best time to install a swimming pool?
Should I be wary about buying a swimming pool advertised at a super low price?
Most swimming pools seem the same. Why do costs vary?
If I have a small yard, can you still design a swimming pool that will fit my budget and taste?
Will my swimming pool have a warranty?
What features can I add to my swimming pool?
How much maintenance is involved with a swimming pool?
What swimming pool shapes are available?
How does the design process work?
How much does a swimming pool cost?
Can I finance my swimming pool?

Premier Pools & Spas is proud to be your Full-Service Pool Solution.  From weekly pool service and filter cleans to acid washes and tile cleaning, our Service Technicians can provide everything your swimming pool will ever need.  Let us help protect your investment and deliver the level of expertise and service you have come to expect from Premier Pools & Spas.

Available Services
Weekly Pool Service
Cartridge Filter Clean
Green Clean
Water Change
Tile Cleaning
Acid Wash
Light Replacement
Equipment Repairs & Replacement
Weekly Pool Service
Services Include:
• Test water chemistry
• Add chemicals as necessary to maintain proper water
• Brush-down waterline tile
• Brush-down interior finish
• Empty skimmer basket(s)
• Empty pump baskets(s)
• Clean cell of saltwater chlorine generator (as needed)
• Refill tablets in in-line / in-deck chlorinator
• Verify equipment is functioning properly

History of Company
 tucson pool renovation
What started as one small office serving the Sacramento area has expanded to multiple offices throughout three states with more than 400 employees… and we're still growing!
Owners, Keith and Paul, hand selected the manager of each Premier Pools and Spas office, choosing highly experienced people with extensive knowledge of their local markets and a commitment to quality. They and their staff adhere to Premier Pools' business model of building superior-quality swimming pools and exceeding customers' expectations.
Their unique building process allows the designer to remain involved from design to completion giving each customer a personal experience and added peace of mind.

When Premier Pools opened its doors in 1988, its goals were to:
  • Provide a custom swimming pool design that surpasses anyone's backyard dreams
  • Fulfill those dreams by building quality products
  • Always maintain a genuine interest in your service and satisfaction

Today, these goals continue to drive our company of more than 400 employees. More than 16,000 swimming pools later, Keith and Paul still lead the company with the same commitment and enthusiasm as when they started. This commitment to the customer has earned Premier Pools and Spas a reputation for superior quality and unparalleled customer service, as well as numerous industry awards, including National Pool Builder of the Year (Paramount Pool Products) and Builder of the Year (2006 Pool and Spa News).

Phoenix: 480-895-6000 | Tucson:  520-888-7665
Contact Us in Phoenix | Contact Us in Tucson | ROC 178157  

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2011 Kitchen Trends from the NKBA

1) Shake It Up
The Shaker style began a rise in popularity in 2009 and gained momentum in 2010. By the end of the year, Shaker has supplanted Contemporary as the second most popular style used by NKBA member designers. While Traditional remains the most popular style, having been used by 76% of designers surveyed over that last three months of 2010, that’s a slight drop from the previous year. Meanwhile, the percent of respondents who designed contemporary kitchens fell to 48%, while Shaker rose to 55%. Cottage was the only other style to garner at least 20% of the market, as it registered at 21%.

2) Dark Finishes
Dark natural finishes overtook medium natural, glazed, and white painted finishes to become the most specified type of finish toward the end of 2010. While medium natural fell from being used by 53% to 48% of designers, glazed from 53% to 42%, and white painted from 49% to 47%, dark natural finishes rose from 42 to 51%. Light natural and colored painted finishes remained fairly common, as each rose slightly from the previous year: 24% to 25% for light natural and 24% to 29% for colored paints. Distressed finishes dropped significantly from a year ago, when they were used by 16% of designers, to just 5%.

3) A Place for Wine
While the incorporation of wine refrigerators seems to be on the decline (see Bonjour Réfrigérateur below), unchilled wine storage is growing in popularity. While only 39% of surveyed designers incorporated wine storage areas into their kitchens at the end of 2009, just over half—51%—did so as 2010 came to a close. While other types of cabinetry options remain more common, most are on the decline, including tall pantries (89% to 84%), lazy Susans (90% to 78%), and pull-out racks (81% to 71%). Appliance garages also seem to be falling out of favor, as their use declined from 36% at the end of 2009 to 29% a year later.

4) Bonjour Réfrigérateur
The French door refrigerator has strengthened its position as the type specified most often by NKBA member designers. While freezer-top refrigerators were only specified by 8% of designers as 2010 drew to a close—down from 10% a year earlier, freezer-bottom models fell very slightly from 60% to 59% and side-by-side units actually rose slightly from 46% to 49%. Meanwhile, French door refrigerators jumped from 67% to 78%. Among smaller units, refrigerator or freezer drawers remained flat at 31%, while undercounter wine refrigerators fell sharply from 50% to 36%, an interesting change given the increasing use of unchilled wine storage.

5) Inducting a New Cooktop
Induction cooktops haven’t overtaken gas and electric models, but they’re closing the gap. As we entered 2010, gas cooktops had been recently specified by 76% of NKBA designers, compared to 38% for electric and 26% for induction. However, while the incorporation of gas cooktops has fallen to 70%, electric cooktops has risen slightly to 41%, while induction cooktops are up to 34%. Meanwhile, single wall ovens are down from 46% to 42%, although double wall ovens are up from 68% to 74%. In addition, warming drawers are down from 49% to 42%, and ranges are down sharply from 81% to 68%.
6) LED Lighting
Incandescent lighting continues its journey to obsolescence. While 50% of NKBA member designers incorporated incandescent bulbs into their designs at the end of 2009, only 35% have done so a year later. Instead, designers are clearly opting for more energy-efficient lighting options. While the use of halogen lighting is down from 46% to 40% over the past year, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting has increased from 47% to 54%. Designers aren’t turning to CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) as a solution, though, most likely due to the poor quality of light they produce; their use by designers remained flat at 35%.
7) Trashy Designs
A greater emphasis is being made to address trash considerations in the kitchen. Some 89% of kitchens designed by NKBA members in the final quarter of 2010 include a trash or recycling pull-outs. In addition, garbage disposals were incorporated by 86% of designers, up from 75% the previous year. Trash compactors have also become more common. Entering 2010, they were recently used in designs by 11% of designers, but a year later, that figure had climbed to 18%. These changes may be due to an increase in sustainability awareness, but they certainly indicate an increase in concern toward trash generated in the kitchen.

About the National Kitchen & Bath Association

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a non-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for more than 45 years. NKBA.org provides consumers with an inspiration gallery of award-winning kitchen and bath designs, as well as articles, tips, and an extensive glossary of remodeling terms. At NKBA.org, consumers can also find certified kitchen and bath professionals in their areas, submit questions to NKBA experts, and order the free NKBA Kitchen Planner and NKBA Bath Planner. To learn more, visit the NKBA Press Room at NKBA.org/Press or call 1-800-THE-NKBA (843-6522). 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plastic Bags: What a Waste!

By Aaron Redman

March 13th, 2011

Every year over 100 billion disposable, petroleum-based, plastic bags are consumed and thrown out in the US alone.  Being nearly impossible to recycle, they needlessly consume resources; fill landfills and escape so often that studies have found that plastic bags make up over 25% of our litter. This poses serious danger to wildlife not to mention trashes up our landscapes.  Bringing your own re-usable cloth bag to the grocery store or farmer’s market is a great start, but what about all the clear plastic bags which are needed for all those wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables you bought?
With the support of an ASU Innovation Challenge grant, a group of ASU students have developed a solution for you.  FAVE Bags are an affordable, durable, and easy-to use alternative to all that wasteful plastic.  Besides making check-out a cinch with its see-through mesh, FAVE Bags will keep all your fresh produce sorted and sanitary from the market to your fridge, with no sogginess. 
While increasing personal Sustainability is very important, it is insufficient if the whole product life-cycle is not considered.  For this reason FAVE Bags are being produced with an innovative model of production to bring the benefits of international trade and export directly to the people who need it most.  In the countryside of El Salvador seven groups of women work out of their homes to produce FAVE Bags- earning money for their families without the often destructive stress of typical factory work (long hours, time-consuming transportation and low-wages).  In the words of one El Salvadoran women entrepreneur, “I love this opportunity, by being able to work at my home; I can earn the money I need so that my kids can get ahead and have the great future I wish for them.”
You can purchase a FAVE bag for yourself at the ASU Farmers Market for the special price of $3.50 each or 3 for $10 and they are available any time at the Phoenix Urban Grocery and Tempe Farmer’s Market. Consider how you might lead a more Sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a more stable and just economy abroad.

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An Ace Air service contract gives you the edge on keeping your family comfortable all year around.

Ace Air

With an Ace Air Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA), Ace certified technicians will come to your home, once or twice a year, for up to 10 years.   This plan includes great advantages, like:
  • Free Coil Cleaning every year (Coils are like the radiator for your car -   the cleaner they are, the cooler you are).
  • No Destination Charge (you’ll save around $60 right off the bat!).
  • A Guaranteed Arrival Time within 24 hours of receiving your call, or the labor is free, no matter how busy they are.
  • 20% Off of Parts and Labor (If your system needs parts and/or repair, you’ll get them at a reduced price)
  • A Lifetime Warranty on most user-end parts for the duration of the contract. If a part is replaced and it fails, we’ll replace it for free.
  • 10% off the price of a new unit. (Most systems last anywhere from 8 to 12 years)
  • Enjoy priority status on a service technician's route as an Ace Air PMA customer.
In our area, air conditioning is a must.  That’s why an Ace Air Preventative Maintenance Agreement makes so much sense.

Which Contract Should You Get?
  • If you have a standard air conditioner with electrical heating, Ace Air recommends having your unit serviced at least once a year, usually in the spring before things start heating up. It’s smart to schedule your appointment between February and April before everybody else calls up.  
  • If you have a standard air conditioner with a gas furnace, Ace Air highly recommends twice a year.  Once in the early spring for the air conditioner, and then in the early to late fall for your heater.  It’s a good idea to have the experts at Ace Air fire up your furnace for the first time in the fall—turning on your gas, igniting ignite the pilot and checking out your system thoroughly. All of their technicians carry meters to measure carbon monoxide, ensuring that your system is venting outside.
  • If you have a heat pump, Ace Air also recommends twice a year service, just because your system is pulling double duty.  It runs in one mode to keep you cool in the summer, then switches modes to warm you up on those chilly winter nights.
  • If you have a newer, Puron System, a once a year service is usually sufficient. Puron systems are "engineered" to be energy-efficient but even a minor fluxuation in refrigerant level can cause it act up.  if you know your system is a bit temperamental, twice a year might be smarter.  
  • If you are one of our many winter-time residents, it’s recommended that you have your system checked out just before you use it, or at least as soon as convenient after you’ve arrived.  After sitting idle for several months, slow leaks are possible and everyone wants their system to be operating as safely and efficiently as possible.
  • If you have more light to moderate usage, you should consider the Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement.  Ace Air will come out twice a year and do a  full system check for you and identify any problems you may have  before your unit goes down.  They’ll do a full inspection, take care of your air filters, clean the electrostatic or washable filters, or change your replaceable ones for you while they are there.
  • If you have a business outside of your home, with moderate to heavy usage,  you should consider the Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Agreement.  Ace Air will come out four times a year, and do a full  system check for you, and depending on your filters, clean the electrostatic or washable filters, or replace the disposal type for you.
  • If you have a business outside of your home with heavy usage, the Monthly  Preventative Maintenance Agreement could e just what you need.  Ace Air will service the Air   Conditioner Quarterly, plus will clean the electrostatic or washable filters   monthly, or replace the  throw-away type for you while they are there.
Why not have Arizona’s #1 team maintaining your air conditioning and heating systems to that you can just enjoy life, or concentrate on running your business, Ace Air can tailor a plan to fit anyone’s budget and will stand behind it.

Things to Remember
Think of your Air Conditioner like a car. You don’t repair what’s not broken and usually, people tend to drive their car until it breaks down before taking it to a repair shop.  Sure you change the oil, keep an eye on the tires, have things checked out.  That’s all standard maintenance that helps give you the most out of your investment.
The same is true for your home’s cooling and heating systems. Keep up on the maintenance and they’ll continue to operate smoothly, not break down and run as efficiently as possible.
If your home’s heater or air conditioner is 6 to 10 year old system, it may not be quite time yet to replace it, especially if you’ve got Ace Air backing you up with regular service.

Need To Finance It?
Ace Air’s professional staff can assist you in financing your Preventative Maintenance Agreement.  Remember, Ace Air is licensed, bonded, insured,  and a registered contractor with the State of Arizona.  They’re also a Better Business Bureau accredited company and a business you can count on.
Like their slogan says, “Ace Air: We’ll be there!”

Contact Ace Air

E-mail: Info@CoolAce.com
Telephone: 602-266-5223
Fax: (602) 296-3923

ROC LIC #242376
KB-01 #264403
all copy and concepts property of ACE AIR &  destination marketing—2011

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Creative Thinking following Chiropractic Adjustment

submitted by Back Stop / Back on Track Chiropractic

The above headline came from a February 4, 2011, article on the site ScoopHealth.net. The article is reporting on research published in issue 40 of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia showing that a single chiropractic adjustment enhanced creative thinking.

This pilot study checked the creative responses of ten people after a single chiropractic adjustment.  In this study the participants were initially given an "alternate uses test" to have a standard to be judged against. Dr. Louise Hockley, BSc., a Wellington-based chiropractor, explained how the test works by saying,  "The procedure for the alternative uses test is to write down as many uses for an object as possible during a ten minute period." Dr. Hockley continued, "For example, naming all the different ways you could use a newspaper was one of the questions used, as was naming all the different ways you could use a chair, followed by naming all the different ways you can use a shoe."

Participants were initially tested, then each subject was assessed for subluxation. The article reports that a subluxation is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health.  Based upon the chiropractic analysis and the conclusion that a subluxation was present, participants were given a single chiropractic adjustment.

Between two and eight days after the chiropractic adjustment, each subject performed the alternate uses test again using a different version of the test. The results were then compared to their earlier test to see if there was any change in how they performed. The results showed that six of the ten subjects experienced a post-adjustment improvement in their performance on the alternate uses test. Seven of the subjects showed new directions in a real-world creative task, and six participants showed renewed energy towards a creative project already planned.

Dr. Hockley commented on the results by saying, "Taken as a whole, the results indicated improvement in real world creative tasks during the two to eight day period after the adjustment, which is very exciting."  Dr. Hockley related, "Naturally, due to the small size of the study, these conclusions must be considered preliminary, pending verification by future studies.

For more info, go to:  http://www.backontrackaz.com/ or call:  480-963-0504

Back on Track Family Chiropractic has been serving families in the east valley for over 10 years.  It is their goal to provide quality chiropractic care in a loving and friendly atmosphere.  Their inviting and warm doctors and staff are there to guide you on your journey to health and wellness, making it the most enjoyable experience possible.  Their office not only provides chiropractic care but  incorporates physiotherapy, rehabilitation and massage to maximize their patients healing  process.  They also offer affordable spinal decompression therapy for disc injuries as an alternative to expensive and dangerous surgery.

They pride themselves on their continued commitment to enhancing the lives of their patients by updating them with the latest in wellness news and research.  Weekly free seminars are given at their office to further help those in their community to achieve better health and a better quality of life.

Back On Track Chiropractic
2051 W Warner Rd #1
Chandler, AZ 85224
480-963-2899 (fax)

Hale Security Pet Door: How do we house-break a 3-month-old Yorkie? A preferred Maricopa County Home Show Vendor

Helpful tips to provide you and your pets with happier, healthier lives...

Hale Pet Door Monthly Pet Tips

House Training Tips
How do we house-break a 3-month-old Yorkie? We keep her in a wire crate with its door opened to the Hale doggy door so she can only go outside and not come into the house as such. If we were to let her come into the house she would leave her calling cards on the puppy pads and not save up to go outside. We need to get her little mind associated with the idea of going potty outside but have no idea about how to get the great outdoors of the fenced-in dog run associated with going potty there.  Any ideas? –N.J.P., Prescott, AZ
Yorkie dogTo train your puppy to go outside when she’s not crated you must train your dog just as you would if you didn’t use the crate.
This is accomplished by taking the pup outside when she wakes up and after eating. This involves a lot of bonding time with your pup, and she will accept your leadership.
A typical training scenario goes like this:
  • Puppy wakes up, and you call her to the door and go out together. As she sniffs around, take her to the area of the yard where you want her to go. Watch her behavior as she’ll give you clues that she’s about to potty. When she starts to go, say a word that you will use as a cue to let her know what you want her to do. Remember that dogs hear only the end of words, so use a command that ends in a different sound than other commands that you’ll use. When she’s finished, praise and reward her.
  • After the puppy eats repeat the above steps.
  • Take your pup out in the evening right before bed.
  • Take your puppy out first thing in the morning.
  • Your pup will let you know when she has to go by sniffing and circling, so get her outside as soon as you see these behaviors.
Do not have puppy pads in the house. The puppy pads attract your pup to them to eliminate, so using them in the house just encourages her to urinate in the house. The pads will be more useful if you put them out in the run where you want her to relieve herself.
Most puppies usually can start to control their elimination around four months of age depending on breed. Some youngsters have a few accidents in the house, and it’s important to treat it as an accident and never punish your pup. If you catch your puppy in the act, pick her up and run her outside to the toilet area.
Be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect any accident spots, so your pup doesn’t smell the urine and think it’s a good spot to go. Avoid cleaners with ammonia because these cleaners smell like urine to dogs and can encourage urinating in the house. To eliminate urine odor, you can use vanilla extract to cover the smell.
It’s necessary to keep a watchful eye on your pup at all times. If you find that your puppy is still having accidents, you can fasten a leash to your belt so your puppy is close by at all times.
If you’re consistent with your training and your pup is physically mature enough to control herself, the time you invest in training will determine how fast your puppy learns where it’s appropriate to relieve herself. Be sure to get everyone in the household involved in this first training.

When you’re looking for a pet door, be sure to check out the best pet doors made in the USA at Hale Pet Door.