Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Chilling with the Sun" New Product "Solar Thermal Air Conditioner": Spotlight on our Preferred Exhibitor PEP Solar

Global Climate Change is the single, most dangerous threat the world is facing today - and that’s a fact. Environmental experts agree that one way to help reduce the effects of Global climate change is to use the Energy we produce much more efficiently. Phoenix Energy Products dba PEP Solar has been helping to integrate products to help in this area since 1978. By using the Sedna Aire USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner you will save 50% on your electricity bills cooling your home or business.
“Solar Thermal Air Conditioning uses the “free” power of the sun with the aid of solar thermal collector evacuated tubes lined with proprietary radiation attracting material to super heat to 380 degrees the R410 coolant. Since 75 percent of the coolant resides outside the AC system the sun does most of the work increasing the coil face efficiency by shedding more heat and reducing the load of the compressor as the sun gets hotter. By reducing the amps/load to the compressor the overall system reduces electricity costs.”
Old Traditional Ways Of Saving Of 1980’s
The old ways of saving energy used to require replacing light bulbs, increasing the insulation, replacing windows, and spanning roof tops with as much solar modules as possible. While some of these methods are still highly recommended, the real power guzzlers on our grids point directly to air conditioning homes and businesses. The US can no longer sustain its current electrical load and take on new electric cars until electricity is reduced.
Phoenix Energy Products is now able to provide the solution to your energy reduction with the right methods to reduce your dependence on local energy grids. The Sedna Aire USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner operates up to 32 SEER with the assistance of the sun. As a matter of fact the Sedna Aire USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner works more efficiently as the sun gets hotter. Finally, an air conditioner working with the sun instead of against the sun. Did you know traditional air conditioners have to work harder as it gets hotter and in some cases in Arizona’s 120 degree weather the old traditional AC systems just cannot keep up? Your new Sedna Aire USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner reduces its electrical consumption as the sun just keeps getting hotter.  Adding solar modules without reducing your energy is costing you money while solar thermal air conditioning purchases “free” power from the sun.
Environment Sustainability
The Sedna Aire USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner optimized system in a sunny climate can exceed 50% to 70% reduction in electrical demand compared to existing conventional equipment, resulting in reduced cost of operation and CO2 emissions. The solar thermal air conditioner eliminates the use of ozone depleting, global warming refrigerants by using environmentally safe R410A. R410A is a chlorine-free, environmentally-friendly refrigerant with zero ozone-depleting potential and a lower global warming rating than the former standard, R22.
Reduced Noise Pollution
Increasing the efficiency of the vapor compression cycle, combined with the dual stage compressor, allows the equipment to cycle less frequently and at lower speeds. This means you will enjoy with the Sedna Air USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner a more enjoyable living experience.
Tax Credits and Rebates
Your Sedna Aire USA Solar Thermal Air Conditioner qualifies for state and federal tax credits as well as utility rebates equaling thousands of dollars.
Please consult your tax advisor. 

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