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Swimming Year Round in Your Pool? Yes YOU Can! Spotlight on our Maricopa County Home Show Preferred Exhibitor: HELIOCOL

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Heliocol World's Largest

Since 1977, Heliocol has manufactured the highest-quality solar pool heating system in the world. Over 200,000 Heliocol customers worldwide enjoy a longer swimming season with free heat from the sun. Heliocol systems heat swimming pools in all types of climatic conditions, from hot and arid climates like those found in the Mohave Desert of Arizona, to cold, harsh climates including the Swiss Alps and Northern Canada.
Heliocol maintains its position as the world's largest manufacturer of solar pool heating systems by offering customers unsurpassed value. Customers enjoy an extended or even year-round swimming season while dramatically reducing or eliminating their pool heating expenses. From the Olympic Games to the backyard pool, Heliocol systems are the choice of smart swimming pool owners everywhere! 
Hundreds of thousands of Heliocol solar pool heating panels have been installed world wide. They have been installed in all kinds of climatic conditions, from hot, arid climates like those found in the Mohave and Sinai deserts, to cold harsh climates like those found in Switzerland and Bangor, Maine.
Heliocol Panels have undergone rigorous and extensive tests and have been certified and/or approved by:
* Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC)
* Ortech International Laboratories
* Dade County, Florida
* Miami Testing Laboratory
* Solar Energy Analysis Laboratory (SEAL)
* The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
* City of Los Angeles
* DSET Laboratories, Inc.
* British Nat'l Water council
* HRS, Florida (Required for Commercial Use)
* German Federal Health Board
Heliocol's engineers, chemists, manufacturing personnel, and commercial design engineers are highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to providing the best, most advanced, solar pool heating product possible. Most of them have been with the company since its inception and over the years they have developed an extremely advanced manufacturing process. A computerized, highly automated manufacturing line enables Heliocol to produce a very uniform solar panel with superior and consistent quality. Its equipment is maintained in top order, constantly checked and monitored by an engineering staff.

Last year, Heliocol, through its worldwide network of distributors, sold more solar swimming pool panels than any other solar collector manufacturer. Over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of product was sold in the United States alone. Presently, about 8,000 sq. ft. of Heliocol panel are installed daily. Heliocol has been always dedicated to providing the best, most reliable, and most serviceable product possible.

Heliocol solar pool heating systems can double your swimming enjoyment, year after year.
< Residential
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Why Heat Your Pool With Solar?

OPERATING COST - The increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is completely eliminated
WARRANTY - Their warranty allows you to enjoy your pool with total assurance and confidence long after the warranty on conventional heaters have expired. more...
MAINTENANCE COSTS - On-going maintenance costs become practically non-existent due to Heliocol's rugged design and reliability.
ENVIRONMENT - Your solar system provides safe, clean energy without burning fossil fuels or polluting our air. more...
SAFETY - Completely eliminate dangerous pilot lights, volatile fuels, and corrosive metals when you heat with solar.

What Makes Heliocol Solar Pool Collectors
The Best in The World?

Their warranty is simply the best in the industry. No other collector offers this kind of protection and peace of mind.
thermal pool heating cutExclusive individual "over-molded" tube design eliminates all welds, easily allows the panel to expand and contract, virtually eliminates wind load, eliminates premature roof deterioration and is the most technically advanced on the market today.
Heliocol panels are very reliable and completely resistant to pool chemicals, scaling, extreme temperatures and corrosion.
Attractive appearance with no gaps between collectors, no hoses or hose clamps and no visible mounting pool heating roof

Six collector sizes provide flexibility to fit most roofs.
Homeowner's Association-Friendly.
Multiple Colors to blend into your property.
Continuously in production since 1977 by the world's largest solar pool heating manufacturer.Learn more about us
Thousands of Satisfied Customers-- Check them out!

solar pool heating how it works

How Solar Pool Heating Works?

A. Using the existing pool pump, water is diverted to the Solar System.
B. The water is heated by the Sun's radiant energy as it passes through the collectors.
C. The water is then returned to the pool to repeat the cycle until the pool has been warmed

Sun Wave Heat Pump

sunwave heatpumpHeat Your Pool or Spa With A Sun Wave™ Heat Pump!
The Best Heat Pump In It's Class!

SunWave™ Sunsation™ Heat Pumps
Green Energy's team has been selling the most efficient trouble-free swimming pool heaters in the industry for over twenty years. Heat pumps simply take the heat from the air and transfer it to the water - making the heat process clean, efficient, ecologically safety and most of all, cost effective.

Also check out the Sun Wave™ Xtreme™ Heat Pump

Sun Wave™ Sunsation™ Standard Features
  • Digital Control Panel
    Displays the current pool/spa temperature and monitors the operating status of the unit. Includes lockable control panel cover.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Lifetime warranty
    Delivers superior hydraulic flow - no bypass valves required
  • Air Defrost
    Allow the heater to operate at lower air temperatures
  • Patented Auto Heat
    This feature maintains your pool temperature automatically, 24 hours a day, overriding the pool time clock
  • Extra-Large Evaporator Coil
    Their special lanced-fin design collects more heat as the outside temperature starts to drop
  • Automation Ready
    Allows easy connection to Jandy Controls and other pool/spa automation systems, automatic valve systems, and remotes
  • Commercial Grade Compressor
    Their scroll compressor is the quietest on the market
  • Durable Polymer Cabinet - Rust and corrosion-free for life
  • Chiller/Hot Gas Defrost
    Allows the heater to operate at frigid conditions and will also chill your pool in the hot summer months
  • Digital Remote Control Panel or Remote Control Kit
    Allows the user to control all heat pump settings, plus, automates pool-to-spa switching from a remote location.
    Kit includes two Jandy Valve Actuators and Remote Control Panel.
Heliocol Heat Pumps are ETL tested to UL specifications
BTU/hr* Output 115K
C.O.P. 5.40
Voltage 208V-230V / 1/60
Supply Circuit 50 AMPS
Compressor Scroll
Heat Exchanger Titanium**
Flow Rate G.P.M. 30-125 Optimum
Dimensions (in.) 33"W 42"H 36"D
Weight (lbs.) 325
*Tested and Certified according to the 80-80-80 standard
**Corrosion-Free Technology not affected by chemical imbalances and/or chlorine generators
sunwave savings graph
Impressive Warranty
All Sun Wave™ heat pumps are backed by a highly trained technical support department, and by some of the strongest and most inclusive warranties in the industry. Check out their warranty for details.

>> Also check out the Sun Wave™ Xtreme™ Heat Pump <<

Other Heliocol Products:
Solar Hot Water
Free and natural hot water for your home! With incentives your system could pay for its self in the first year. Find out how you can save by switching to solar! Click Here

Solar/PV Electric
Photovoltaic (PV, or solar electric) technology can replace a portion of the electricity you use in your home. With government and local utility incentives you can reduce the cost of the system by more than 70%. Get your free quote today Click Here.

Solar Attic Fan
Solar cooling for every climate and every home. Check out how you can save today.

Misting And Fog Effects
A high-pressure system can give your up to 30° of cooling. See how...

Resilience Salt System
No more RED eyes, no more strong chlorine pool smell! Find out how...

Heliocol Licensed to Operate:
Solar Pool Heating | Solar Hot Water | Solar Pool Heat Pump
Resilience Salt System | Solar Attic Fan

AZ ROC Lic# 188403
NV ROC Lic# 052411
Misting and Fog Effects
AZ ROC Lic# 188405
NV ROC Lic# 052410

Visit Heliocol at the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show, January 14-16, 2011 at the AZ State Fairgrounds in booth
813, 1013in the Ag Bldg.

at any of the locations below!

splash bulletPHOENIX, AZ Heliocol Phoenix view map
2305 W Huntington Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85282-3129
Phone: (602) 454-7000
Toll Free:(800) 366-6862
Fax: (602) 454-7002
splash bulletLAS VEGAS, NV Heliocol Las Vegas view map
5424 S Cameron #102
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
Phone: (702) 435-4820
Toll Free:(800) 366-6862
splash bulletTUCSON, AZ Heliocol Tucson view map
7090 N Oracle Road #178
Tucson, Arizona 85704
Phone: (520) 770-9902
Toll Free:(800) 366-6862
splash bulletLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ Heliocol Lake Havasu view map
1642 McCulloch Blvd #202
Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403
Phone: (928) 505-4500
Toll Free:(800) 366-6862
splash bulletYUMA, AZ
Phone: (928) 726-3874
splash bulletST GEORGE, UT
Phone: (800) 366-6862

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