Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enjoy Wine? Try Something Special! Spotlight on our Exhibitor: Schlossadler Wines / A International Wines

In the beginning, Schlossadler International Wines traversed the European wine country looking for small, family wineries. They had a dream: to create a wine import company that made unique and exclusive wines available directly to the individual. They wanted to share their love of German and Austrian wines with friends and family all over the United States. This dream came true in 1979 with the founding of Schlossadler.

In the time since their early reconnaissance missions, Schlossadler has grown and evolved, but has stayed true to the original dream. Schlossadler continues to seek out small estate wineries, boutique and family-owned vineyards. But now they offer more of a good thing--their intrepid wine consultants offer over 70 international delights to their clients. Today, they can proudly offer you one of the most extensive selections of German and Austrian wines in the United States.

Each wine is delivered promptly, by the case, into the arms of their happy clients. And each wine has passed rigorous Schlossadler testing: They taste and re-taste and taste again…!  They love every wine they sell; they know each vintner personally. They have ambled through many of these vineyards, tasting luscious fruit from the vine. They invite you to taste their international findings. Straight from the vineyard to the glass, they are the next best thing to a trip to Europe!

Schlossadler works hard to develop lifelong friendships with each of their clients. They have a trained, professional staff of wine consultants to assist you in selecting the perfect wine for every occasion. Schlossadler's wine consultants are guides, offering fun and adventurous ways to our Schlossadler's world of wines. Their consultants invite clients to share private wine seminars at home, cruise the romantic byways of Southern California harbors while sipping the "nectar of the gods," or find us pouring glass after glass at gourmet restaurant tastings. They journey from Boston to Honolulu, from Phoenix to Anchorage, in their enthusiastic quest to share the best of regional wines from around the globe.

You too can join the Schlossadler family. They welcome your phone call, e-mail or stop by their booth (403-404 Wesley Bolin Building) at the Maricopa County Home Show.  They look forward to making your next glass of wine a wonderfully unique experience.

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