Sunday, November 21, 2010

10th year in business! Perfect record with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors! Top rating with the BBB!

Desert Tropics Pools is one of Arizona's foremost swimming pool contractors. Now in their 10th year of business, they continue to create satisfied customers by providing superior swimming pool construction services year after year. Committed to providing not only unique designs and quality construction, but also a personal approach to swimming pool projects.

With a proven track record in the Arizona swimming pool industry, you can be sure that Desert Tropics Pools is a creative, professional, and experienced swimming pool contractor.

Desert Tropics not only performs new pool construction but also offers complete pool remodeling and pool repair services. Providing Arizona homeowners with a "One Stop Solution" for all of your swimming pool construction and repair needs.

Please be sure to take a look at their perfect service record with the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors as well as their A+ business rating with the Better Business Bureau. Something that's very important to do with any company you are considering for any major swimming pool project.

Desert Tropics Custom Pools also provides new construction and remodeling services for all commercial swimming pool projects as well.

See Your Pool Before It's Started...

They know that your swimming pool is more than just a place to swim. It's both an extension of your home and an expression of your lifestyle. Your pool is a center piece for family get-together's . . . A place you entertain friends . . . It's a private hideaway, your destination to relax and unwind . . . And for some it may be an occasional office or meeting site. At Desert Tropics Pools they understand the possibilities, and therefore realize the importance of seeing the project thru your eyes. It's why they take the time to learn what's important to you. Only then can they ensure that your backyard project is designed and constructed with your vision in mind. Their experienced staff will provide you with the latest ideas and the most up to date options that might be incorporated into your project. They then apply their experience with today's modern pool systems to your project. Their goal is for your completed project to not only look beautiful, but for it to also provide you with years of worry free enjoyment. With their 3D modeling software they are able to create the pool, the spa, BBQ islands, fireplaces, hardscape, landscaping, and lighting. They then place these images into a computerize re-creation of your yard. Then they use the computer to "fly" around the design, viewing it from all angles to make sure it is what you have in mind. This ability allows for changes to be made to the design before ever starting the actual construction process.

New Pool Building...Every Step Counts

A pool construction project is one where every step counts, from planning on through to start up. Each and every step ultimately affects the finished product. This is why it's so important that your sales person and designer take the time to understand what is important to you. A sales person that truly knows the process and the options, rather than one that "basically understands" how it's done. Their people are trained to ask the important questions, the ones that ensure that your finished project is truly what you had in mind. From there they will design all the behind the scenes things that you will never have to think about, but they are done to provide the long term reliability of your swimming pool. Items like 5-bar 12" bond beam, fiber-mesh shotcrete, and looped returns. Not sexy, but each one contributes to providing years of worry free ownership. Knowing this, is why they include them on every project they build. As for the numerous options available for everything from water features, to equipment/control system options, to surfaces and finishing touches. They understand which of these can be relied on, as well as the ones you may want to avoid. Which will work well together, and the ones that don't. They do on-going research, so that you don't have to. Your satisfaction is their most important goal. It is what keeps them going, both figuratively and literally. Their years of satisfied customers have been more than happy to recommend Desert Tropic Pools to the people they know. And a referral is the ultimate compliment to any business. So they treat each and every one of them as if their future depends on it...because it truly does.
When Remodeling Pools...Experience Matters
Since their first day of business, Desert Tropics Pools has offered complete swimming pool remodeling and repair services. Unlike many pool builders today who have only recently started offering remodeling services in order to sustain their existence in a down economy. Whether you are simply adding or replacing equipment, resurfacing the pool or deck, adding structures, water features, a spa or control system, or even completely changing the shape or depth of your pool, Desert Tropics Pools can provide your remodeling solution. Swimming pool construction methods have changed significantly over the years, so it stands to reason that remodeling swimming pools requires additional knowledge beyond what's necessary for building a new pool using today's modern systems and equipment. That is where their experience with remodeling really pays off. They know what problems to anticipate because they, more than likely, have seen it before. To successfully transform an older pool using today's updated products and methods requires a working knowledge of how the pool was constructed. This knowledge allows Desert Tropics Pools to accurately bid the project up front, by anticipating the hidden hazards and costs that can arise after starting a remodeling project. Their remodeling expertise can help you avoid both headaches and hidden costs when updating your out-dated swimming pool.

For more information, call Desert Tropic Pools at (602)787-1603.

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