Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Show interviews Jason with Cutco Cutlery

CUTCO Cutlery is celebrating its 60th anniversary
Since 1949, skilled craftsmen have been making quality knives at their factory in Olean, N.Y. Today, they are the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in America.

Rene' from the Maricopa County Home Shows interviews Jason Jeffery

What Makes Cutco Cutlery so Special?
The Cutco Forever Guarantee!  Click here to check it out!

What is new and innovative in your industry?
We have, in the last year, become the largest Closing Gift Company in America for Realtors.  For any company wanting to thank a colleague for their business or help, this gift is unmatchable.  The beauty is that it is 100% tax write-off.  Include your name and # ENGRAVED with your LOGO on the knife that your customer will use Forever!  The top-mind-awareness is unmatchable.  Plus, the kitchen is where people hang out nowadays, this sparks more referrals for your company.  
Your best money saving tips:

Consumers Digest states the average family spends $1400-2000 on knives over a lifetime (they say 45-year time frame).  CUTCO sets start at $300 and are guaranteed forever, with sharpening included as a free service in any city over 100,000 in population.  Smaller towns can send their knives in for service, polishing, and sharpening at the factory in New York.   Our most popular set is $797 and that includes everything you need forever, and with the lifetime warranty, you can pass it on.  In summary, save $$ by buying Cutco, and make life easier every day by having kitchen tools that WORK to prepare food.  Save time preparing food, and save money by buying Cutco!

Jason says:Wow . . . what a great year!  Thanks to all!

Here are my newest recommendations:
Need some gifts OR just want to add some pieces to your collection?  The holidays are always just around the corner and there's no better time than now to get GREAT DEALS on Cutco.  Check out the purchase site by clicking on any of the BLUE TABS at the top of the page.  Don't forget to check back once in a while for different specials (posted to the right).  

Also, take a look at our NEWEST PRODUCTS :
NEW Santoku Style Cheese Knife - Perfect for entertaining!
NEW Santoku Style Trimmer - Great for small carving & large fruits!
NEW Santoku Style 3" Paring Knife - No more broken tips!
NEW Red Super Shears
(portion of proceeds from purchase of RED products supports Go Red For Women Movement & the Amercian Heart Association)

We're taking more service requests than ever before AND we're working our hardest to build the support structures necessary to ensure you get service as soon as you need it.  I'll be back and forth to Michigan from Phoenix 3 times this year!
Need your Cutco Serviced?  Click "CONTACT ME" just above my picture and submit a request.  This will email us and you'll automatically be added to our list of people to schedule an appointment with the next time I'm in your area.
Always remember, if I can be of any service at all, I'm only a phone call or email away!!
Your CUTCO guy with 2 first names,
Jason Jeffrey

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