Monday, January 24, 2011

Water Tip of the Month: Drink Water to Lose Weight

Losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle are usually top picks for New Year’s Resolutions. Drinking more water can help. People who drink enough water accelerate their metabolisms and help prevent overeating. A scientific study found that people who drank 17 ounces of cold water saw up to a 30 percent increase in their metabolic rate for nearly an hour and a half. Our bodies expend more energy digesting cold foods and beverages. Drinking water helps people maintain a healthy weight because thirst is often mistaken for hunger. One study found that drinking one glass of water before bed squelched the midnight hunger pangs of 100 percent of its participants. 

The National Institute of Health recommends drinking a glass of water before eating as a "healthy eating habit". Scientists at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society were told that people who drank two 250ml glasses of water before each main meal ate between 75 and 90 fewer calories during that meal. It's a fairly simple science, according to study author Brenda Davy.

The "water diet" is most likely effective because it fills the stomach up with a zero-calorie substance. "We found that over the course of 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before meals, three times per day, lost about five pounds more than dieters who did not increase their water intake," she said. "People should drink more water and less sugary, high-calorie drinks.”

How do you use Your Kinetico System?

  • Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea made with pure Kinetico water
  • Have a bowl of oatmeal (cooked with healthy Kinetico water) and fresh berries (rinsed in Kinetico water)
  • Don’t forget to take your vitamins, washed down with a cool, refreshing glass of Kinetico water
  • Wash a load of towels in Kinetico soft water, noticing how soft and fluffy they come out
  • Feed the dog and don’t forget a bowl of Kinetico water for Fido
  • Munch on a crisp, green salad (rinsed in Kinetico water)
  • Wash the car…no hard water spots thanks to Kinetico soft water
  • Bake a batch of cookies (with Kinetico water)
  • Enjoy a bowl of pasta (cooked in Kinetico water) and lemonade or iced tea with pure ice cubes, thanks to Kinetico water
  • Wash the dishes, using less soap since you have Kinetico soft water
  • Steal some time for yourself in a luxurious, hot bubble bath (extra bubbly thanks to Kinetico soft water)
  • Notice how smooth and sleek your skin and hair feel
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth…in pristine Kinetico water of course! 

Web Special (Phoenix and Tucson Metro Areas):
Hexavalent Chromium, aka Chromium 6 and a known carcinogen, has been discovered in the Phoenix water supply. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System is one of the few systems certified to reduce chromium 6 below the legal limit. It is also certified to remove more contaminants than any other system on the market today. Due to the overwhelming demand and the news of Chromium 6 in our water, we have just received another truckload of drinking water systems. We are going to offer an additional 30% off suggested price on the K5. You can upgrade your existing drinking water system to a state of the art Kinetico. No other system can protect you more!Call them today and ask about their Same As Cash (SAC) interest free options* *Homeowners only; On Approved Credit.

MWPS is the exclusive authorized independent Kinetico dealer. Reach them at 480.497.0488 or 520.399.6171.  

Monday, January 3, 2011

19th Annual January Home Show features the 13th Annual Peoples’ Choice Landscape Display Competition

19th Annual
Maricopa County Home & Garden Show
January 14, 15, 16, 2011 • Arizona State Fairgrounds

Bring your home improvement plans, ideas, questions, sketches and measurements 
for ANY and EVERY Home Project you can imagine, big or small, indoors or out.

Get Answers…Get Inspired…Get the Best Price

Shop, Compare and Save All in ONE place…For ONE weekend only!

If you are looking for landscape ideas to make your backyard into your little slice of paradise, check out the Landscape Competition displays at the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show! Text-vote your favorite to 53535, enter the landscaper’s code that you like best and you will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card. The landscape company with the most votes wins an award,  $5,000, and bragging rights for a year!  This is your opportunity to talk to the landscape experts and ask them what their inspiration was to create their masterpiece.  All landscapers have been screened through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and are in good standing.  Visit these fabulous displays on the Avenue.

Davey Jone’s Locker by Perry Nelson Landscape/Irrigation: This backyard is all about FUN! With a grotto-like entryway, waterfalls, a real boat to depict the Pirates of the Caribbean’s ‘Black Pearl’, which doubles as a catch pond for a beautiful Rock-Waterfall, a 50 gal BBQ barrel that can easily fit an 80lb pig, a few 8’ burnt palm tree stumps, and an authentic treasure chest filled with jewels and sculls, this display will delight the imagination! ROC# 064646. If this is your favorite landscape, text L1 to 53535 to enter the competition!

ZEN GARDEN by Allscape Landscaping & Irrigation: A play of contrasts:  Yin Water Pool, Yang Sand ‘Pool’ with raked sand border. Bridge crosses dry Sand 'Pool’ featuring petroglyph imitating Petrified Forest relics-Water pool plays on raked sand theme, with water skimming over hard ‘raked’ edge.  Fountain feature in water pool is a floating petroglyph island with water cascading into pool.  Vermilion sand contrasts with river sand, reminiscent of Vermilion cliffs contrasting with low desert muted colors. Bamboo fence wraps Pagoda and deck. Drought tolerant plants make up body of plantings, with two featured bonsai trees. A Path to Contemplation and peace.   ROC# 26-3910. If this is your favorite landscape, text L2 to 53535 to vote!

AZ Southwest Collage Garden by Gardener’s Eden Landscaping: Waves of flowers, pots overflowing with flowers, blooming shrubs and trees all provide color and are all carefully blended for fragrance to excite the senses of sight and smell and to soften the travertine patio. The paver walkway leads to a restful Mission style Solara patio cover. Trickling water flows from the colored slag rock water feature into the pond with aquatic plants. The artificial turf area provides more green and is maintenance free requiring no water and no mowing! ROC# 140831. If this is your favorite landscape, text L3 to 53535 to vote!

Sonoran Desert by Desert Gardens Nursery and Landscape: We are using material in our display backyard from our own Sonoran Desert, with some specimens from Baja and South Africa. Low water use material is used. We also incorporated a one of a kind, custom water feature surrounded by a comfortable patio and palapa! ROC# 259459. If this is your favorite landscape, text L4 to 53535 to vote!

Desert Tropics Display by Advant-Edge:  Our display will feature all the luxuries you have been dreaming of.  Enjoy a quite evening relaxing in your spa watching and listening to the serenity of our beautiful fire & water features, surrounded by a paver wall accented with pillars and decorative iron. The spa area will feature comfortable seating areas with tropical seat padding and pillows.  The built in BBQ Island will be perfect for an evening of entertaining friends in your new backyard. Our entire backyard display will be accented with lush tropical foliage and will feature turf area for entertaining friends as well. ROC# 211530. If this is your favorite landscape, text L5 to 53535 to vote!

Outdoor Living Room by Ritter Boys’ Landscapes:  Geometric design and multiple levels, with an emphasis on ninety degree angles and straight lines are featured in this landscape display. A sheer decent waterfall pours into a river bed centered in the middle of the landscape, then falls into a small reservoir surrounded by a section of artificial turf.  The outdoor living room will feature a custom built grill island, fireplace, and fire pit. Cypress trees line the raised platform with lantana plants to add color to the foliage in the rock beds. ROC #266223. If this is your favorite landscape, text L6 to 53535 to vote!

Multi-layered Backyard by Desert Showcase Description:  Capture the imagination and soothe the soul. Casual sitting areas lined with flowering plants that beg to be enjoyed by family and friends lead you to a secondary patio with a beautiful built in barbeque. Graceful trees dot the landscape as the sounds of trickling boulder fountains calm your long days. Low voltage lighting invites you out when the sun goes down. Finally, imagine yourself in front of the nice cozy fire pit on a cool desert evening with that special someone.  ROC# 180313. If this is your favorite landscape, text L7 to 53535 to vote!

Show Location:
AZ State Fairgrounds
1826 West McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85028
Arizona State Fairgrounds is located at 19th Avenue and McDowell Rd.

Show Hours:
Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm

Adult: $5.00, 3-12 $2.00, 2 and under Free. 
Senior Morning: Friday 10am to 12noon FREE admission for all Seniors 60 and over.
Customer Appreciation: Friday between 4pm and 6pm FREE Admission for everyone attending!  

There is plenty of on-site parking for a $7.00 fee and many other lots around the facility charging various rates.

Please go to and click on the discount pass for a free ticket to the home show and a discount parking pass.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 100 Club Officers and Firefighters Heroes Raffle at the upcoming Maricopa County Home Show

Maricopa County Home & Garden Show 
Community Partner
Please Help Us Support the 100 Club of AZ at the 
January 14-16, Maricopa County Home & Garden Show!
Each show, the Maricopa County Home Shows selects a Community Partner, a LOCAL non profit organization that receives free booth space at the show, free advertising in our marketing campaign, ½ off admission tickets with proceeds directly benefiting the organization and contributions from our exhibitors for a raffle that benefits this organization.  
Our Community Partner for the January 14, 15 & 16, Maricopa County Home & Garden Show is The 100 Club. The 100 Club provides immediate financial assistance to families of public safety officers and firefighters who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty, and to provide resources to enhance their safety and welfare.  The 100 Club also provides scholarships to the surviving family to support future success, as well as, current financial and emotional needs. 
Rene' Smith, Home Show President says "Our goal this Janary is to raise $10,000 for The 100 Club by providing 10,000 ½ price admission tickets to distribute to their organization, supporters and community.  For each ticket redeemed, 100% of the net proceeds will go directly back to The 100 Club.   In addition, our exhibitors have generously donated thousands of dollars in prizes for The 100 Club Officers and Firefighters Heroes Raffle. The raffle proceeds will directly benefit The 100 Club".
 100 Club Officers and Firefighters Heroes Raffle
benefiting families of fallen or injured officers serving
our community!
 List of Donated Items:
  1. Custom Security Screen Door:  Value $700 provided by Eco Advantage Security Doors
  2. UV Resistant, Snap on Cover for RV Fabric Awning:  Value $99.00 provided by Awning Pro-Tech, LLC
  3. 1 Home Energy Assessment:  Value $99.00 provided by Greener House Today
  4. 2 QT Logo Shirts:  Value $44.00 provided by Quik Trip
  5. $250 Sand and Gravel Gift Certificate:  Value $250.00 provided by Bedrock Sand and Gravel
  6. Air Jetted Bath Tub:  Value $3664.00 provided by Jetta Whirlpool Baths & More
  7. 6 Bags of Oven Baked Caramel Corn:  Value $48.00 provided by Johnson Design Studio
  8. Fred Astaire Dance Studio Gift Certificates-5 Original Program lessons values at $40.00 each, 3 beginner programs valued at $256.00 each, 1 Beginner Private Lessons Program $1,000.00:  Total Value $1968.00 provided by the Paradise Valley Fred Astaire Dance Studio
  9. 1 Pair of Massaging Insoles:  Value $44.95 provided by Massaging Insoles by the Master Plan
  10. Foursome of Golf, including carts at any of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West:  Value $198.00 provided by Recreation Centers of Sun City West:  Grandview, Pebblebrook, Trail Ridge, Deer Valley,  Executive Courses:  Stardust, Echo Mesa, Desert Trails,
  11. $100.00 Gift Certificate from Walmart:  Value $100.00 provided by Reliant Capitol, LLC
  12. 10” Natural Light, Tubular Skylight Installed: Value $450.00 provided by The Skylight Guy, LLC
  13. $500.00 towards the purchase of Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows & Doors:  Value $500.00 provided by Renewal by Andersen of Phoenix
  14. Drinking Water Purification System: Value $895.00 provided by Kinetico Quality Water
  15. 2 Tickets to Friday, Jan. 28, 2011 Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics Game:  Value $120.00 provided by Window World of Phoenix
  16. $50.00 Gift Card to Home Improvement Store:  Value $50.00 provided by Designer Cabinet Refinishing
  17. RO Water Purification System:  Value $350.00 provided by Pyramid Remodeling LLC
  18. Free Tune Up on One HVAC Unit:  Value &79.95 provided by Ace Air
  19. KVAR Energy Savings Device:  Value $400.00 provided by Safewire Energy
  20. One Silk Filled Comforter:  Value $250-$320.00 provided by MultiNational
  21. Two Kits which include Hydroright Dual Flush and HydroClean Toilet Fill Valve (cleaning toilet and water saving device):  Value:  $45.00 each provided by Out House Plumbing Company
  22. Solar Attic Fan:  Value $400.00 provided by PEP Solar
  23. 100 sq. ft. of Synthetic Lawn (Envy 1 or SuperLawn Blend):  Value $750.00 provided by Southwest Greens of the Valley
  24. HVAC Service Maintenance Program and a 7 Day Programmable T-Stat:  Value $836.00 provided by Sea Air Inland Heating & Cooling.
  25. $100.00 Gift card to Harkins Theater:  Value $100.00 provided by Advanced Deck Designs, Inc.
  26. $100.00 Gift card to Harkins Theater:  Value $100.00 provided by True Blue Pools, Inc.
  27. 6x9 Luxurious Shaw Area Rug:  Value $750.00 provided by Scott’s Custom Flooring
  28. 1 pair of Happy Feet Insoles:  Value $35.00 provided by Leg Investments distributor of Happy Feet
  29. $500.00 off the remodel of your existing pool (3 provided):  Value $500.00 provided by Cameo Pools
  30. Add a salt system to your new pool at no added cost (3 provided):  Value $1495.00 provided by Cameo Pools
And Many, Many More Raffle Items! 

Visit our website for booth locations, additional information, show updates, discount tickets, directions and parking,