Sunday, November 28, 2010

Relieve all of those Aches and Pains! Spotlight on Home Show Preferred Exhibitor: TUFF SPAS

spa on deck spa on deck
Imagine owning a new Tuff Spa, the most energy efficient and impact resistant spa on the market today. Tuff Spas come with a lifetime guarantee! This convenient one-piece spa is made with an advanced polyethylene material that endures the most extreme climate conditions from the heat of Arizona, to the salty air of California, to the snows of Alaska. Tuff Spas offers comfort and therapy in a spa that will last a lifetime!
spa on deck

ENJOYABLE: Tuff Spas offer a great place to relax and unwind. Tuff Spas has a seat to fit a variety of different body types and sizes with deep footwells and variable depth seating. Seating options include: Bench Seating, Bucket Seats, Cooling Seats, and much more.
For maximum therapy, Tuff Spas offers strategic jet placement and a variety of jet packages such as whirlpool jets, pulsating jets, directional jets and combo jets. Additionally, all same size jets can be inter-changed to customize therapy to your individual needs, and each jet can be individually turned off or on with simple quarter turn.
spa on deck
Tuff Spas is also a great place to spend time together, whether it’s relaxing as a couple, or quality time as a family, Tuff Spas is the perfect environment.
DURABLE: Tuff Spas™ are a unique one-piece spa cast in an advanced Polymer that endures the most extreme climate conditions, from the heat of Arizona to the salty air of California to the snows of Canada. Tuff Spas are built to last a lifetime!
Most portable spas are made with an acrylic surface that can crack and bubble over time, but Tuff Spas are made with a non-slip polymer surface that has no layers to crack, chip, peel, bubble or fade. Additionally, their Polymer surface eliminates the need for sanding or staining often required with other portable spas.  Best of all, if the Tuff Spa is ever scratched, it can be repaired in seconds!
Tuff Spas durability is backed with a Lifetime Warranty. 
spa on deck
SIMPLE: Take it home, plug it in and relax, it’s that simple with Tuff Spas.  Because their spas are made of polymer, Tuff Spas weigh much less than most other portable spas and can be easily moved and transported. 
Delivering Spa to Customer
Their standard models come with a cord that can be plugged into an standard 110 volt outlet, saving you hundreds of dollars in electrical installation costs.  Just plug it in and fill it up.

The difference is easy to see.
Tuff Spas really are Enjoyable, Durable and Simple.
Tuff Spas, built for relaxation, built for a lifetime! 

spa on deck
spa on deck
Why are TUFF SPAS so Tuff?
Tuff Spas are rotationally molded, which means there are no layers to blister, crack, chip or peal like acrylic spas. While spas of the past have traditionally been made out of acrylic and fiberglass, Tuff Spas are made out of an extremely durable plastic called Polyethylene. Polyethylene is lightweight, heat insulating, U/V proof, sound deadening, waterproof, and low cost. Because their spas are rotationally molded and made out of Polyethylene, they are able to offer a lightweight, low maintenance, long lasting, affordable spa. Tuff Spas really are portable, simple, durable and affordable. Best of all, every Tuff Spa is backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Visit Tuff Spas at the upcoming Maricopa County Home & Garden Show, January 14-16, 2011 at the AZ State Fairgrounds booth  171, 173, 175 in the Exhibit Building.


Contact Tuff Spas at 1-866-939-0851

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