Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you have a Dog or Cat? Check out this really COOL product! Spotlight on our Preferred Exhibitor: Hale Pet Door

You love your pets.  They deserve the best.  Hale Pet Door has been building the world's finest pet doors since 1985.  

What is a pet door?  
It is a small door that is installed by you, or a qualified installer, in the wall or door of your home to the backyard that your dog or cat can go inside and outside without having to open a door.  You do not have to be home to let your pet in or out, making it so easy and convenient!

Made in the USA, Hale Pet Doors doors are true "access solutions". They have models for doors, walls, patio doors, French doors, screens and even windows!  They also provide innovative security products to keep cats in while your dog goes out; keep neighborhood cats or raccoon bandits out; and even keep your home safe from intruders.  They offer friendly customer service with you and your pet in mind.

How to Choose the Most Energy Efficient Pet Door
Let’s face it –putting a hole in your wall or door isn’t the best way to keep outside air out and inside air in. So when you want your pets to have free access to the yard, it’s important to find the most energy efficient cat or dog door.

Pet doors with two heavy, flexible vinyl flaps create an air barrier that’s similar to that of double pane glass. The flaps must seal securely, so high quality magnets that attach to stainless steel strikes create a seal that is strong enough to keep air and dust out while allowing your pet to push through the door at will. Weather-stripping should be half inch heavy pile attached to the pet door frame.

Wall pet doors are the most energy efficient because of the larger air space between the two flaps.

So, like most other aspects of windows and doors for your home, investing in a high quality pet door will end up saving you money in the long run while keeping you and your pets comfortable right away.

Pet doors are more energy efficient than opening your people door countless times a day if you get a high quality Hale Pet Door.

Your dog's health can be adversely affected by being forced to "hold it" for many hours. An energy efficient Hale Pet Door gives your dog free access to the yard to answer nature's call.

Dogs are active animals. When they can go outside and run and play they are happier and so are less destructive. Get a Hale Pet Door and give your dog the freedom he deserves.

Tired of getting up as soon as you get comfortable to let the dog out? Has your dog ever interrupted your dinner because she had to go out? Get a Hale Pet Door so your dog can let himself out.

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Visit Hale Pet Door at the Maricopa County Home Shows, booth 112 & 114 January 14-16, 2011!

If you're an individual thinking about a new pet, I ask you to:

  • Think carefully about the dog or cat you plan to acquire. Be sure you get a size and temperament you can live with for the rest of his life which may well be 18 years or more. He's not disposable. If you can't make the commitment, don't get the pet.
  • Never buy a puppy from a pet shop. Read about puppy mills here if you don't know why:
  • Instead, go to your local shelter and rescue a pet who is living, literally, on death row. While you're there, ask about occasional volunteering. You can make a huge difference by providing the dogs and cats with some kindly human intervention--especially taking them on walks and socializing them to people.
The Lethers Family
Penelope, Alan, Brandon, Jan and General

Spike - Company Mascot for 16 years.
Spike 1990-2006 RIP

Lucile - Inventor of the 'Instant' pet door panel
Lucile--The inventor of the 'Instant' Pet Door
  • Consider rescuing an older pet. They are often housebroken and obedience trained--a huge advantage. They're past the chewing stage. Puppy-hood is cute but short. With an older dog you'll see what he'll be for most of his life before you choose.
  • If you must have a pure breed dog, look for a rescue group specializing in that breed.
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered. Don't breed. Don't contribute to the current catastrophe.
Once you've chosen a pet:
  • However, you acquire your pet, think of him as a child and treat him just the same. You wouldn't chain your child in the back yard? Don't chain a dog either. He needs to be with his 'pack' which is you. He needs to be socialized with other dogs and people and properly trained.
  • Put an ID tag on your pet. If he's lost, you'll likely get him back. Without the tag, he's probably going to die.
    Here's what happens: . This video was filmed in Atlanta. The story is the same millions of times over in every state.
  • Report animal cruelty. If you don't, who will?
  • Yes, get him a pet door leading to a controlled area. Never install a pet door if the dog or cat (or your child!!) can thereby roam freely. But without a pet door you've either got an 'inside' dog who can't go to the bathroom until you come home, or an 'outside' dog--which is an even worse tragedy for the dog--or else you're the 'door opening slave'. Properly used, a pet door is the single most important accessory you can have for you and for your pet.

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