Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go Green and Save Some Green with Kinetico at the Maricopa County Home Show!

Go Green and Save Some Green with Kinetico!
By Martin Chan

Arizona is home to the Saguaro cactus, dramatic sunsets, the Grand Canyon and hard water.  Many Arizona homeowners understand that a water treatment system is a must to eliminate high chlorine levels and hard water.  Such water is damaging to appliances, plumbing, and fixtures and will also wreak havoc on dishes, glasses and laundry.  This same water will also drastically dry the skin and hair.  But what you might not realize is that proper water treatment not only protects you from these problems, but also conserves valuable resources.

Conserving energy is important. With energy costs on the rise, consumers are searching for energy saving technology and earth friendly practices.  Kinetico has it!  A Kinetico system is powered by water pressure and does not require electricity or gas.  It also features on-demand regeneration (cleaning cycle), which not only saves water, but energy as well because it takes energy to deliver the water we all use everyday.

Household appliances also last longer and work more efficiently. In most homes, the hot water heater is the second highest electrical consumer in the household.  Hard water contains calcium and magnesium which binds to the heating element causing the unit to use 30% more electricity to heat the water. 

With a Kinetico water system, less soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish soap are required, saving money and decreasing the demand for these products (reducing the energy and pollution that goes into making and transporting them). In addition, soaps high in phosphates, which Arizona homeowners use to counteract the effects of hard water, are no longer necessary. Low-phosphate soap can be used, therefore reducing ground water pollution.

The bottom line is hard to ignore: With the right home water treatment, you can conserve valuable resources, help protect the environment, and save money in the process. Green water never sounded so tasty!

Visit Kinetico Water at the Maricopa County Home Show this weekend!  Booth 969 in the Ag Building and 203 in the Exhibit Building!

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